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XML (eXtensible Markup Language)

The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts have improved the Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) email service by embedding case data within each PDF file using a data format known as XML. This data can easily be accessed and processed to improve your workflow. Case data is the information that changes from case to case but generally includes the following:


Specifically, using the eXtensible Metadata Platform (XMP) and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) standards, these case data elements from the notice are now attached to the PDF document catalogs. Additionally, the courts have assigned general categories to their notices for quick reference, which are indicated by a reference code.

To download an example notice with XML, view and save the example notice.

The XML data is not typically viewable with a PDF reader. To view XML data within an electronic notice, you or your company will need a software program to extract the data from the notice. You may write a software program in any language or use a Java program (source) (binary v1.6) provided by the Bankruptcy Noticing Center.

Example: java ExtractXML yournotice.pdf > yournotice.xml Here's an example of the output of XML data from software using the Java language.

Learn more about XML by reading the Electronic Bankruptcy Notice XML Implementation Guide.

For further information please contact the BNC at 1-877-837-3424.