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Name and Address Matching

To get all your notices electronically, the BNC must be made aware of your name(s) and address(s) and related company names to which electronic notices are to be sent. If you are interested in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service you may contact the BNC at 877-837-3424 for assistance in compiling your name and address list.

The BNC maintains the name(s) and address(es) you attach to your Noticing Agreement in a database list that determines whether court notices will be generated as a printed notice or as an EDI or Email notice. The BNC will use the following process to determine if the name and address combination provided by the debtor matches one in the BNC database:

A. Matching Procedure
  1. The notice recipient name submitted by the debtor is normalized. Commas and periods are converted to spaces. Extraneous spaces are removed from the name.
  2. The standardized name is compared to the name synonyms listed on your Noticing Agreement that are maintained in the BNC database synonym list. A match occurs if the name matches one of the names in the BNC database.
  3. The notice recipient address submitted by the debtor is examined by USPS-certified address processing software to ensure that it is a valid (deliverable) address.
  4. The address from step 3 is compared to the addresses provided in your Noticing Agreement that are maintained in the BNC database. If no match is made, the notice is printed and mailed.
  5. If the notice recipient name and address do match the name(s) and address(s) in the BNC database, the BNC will send the notice electronically.

If applicable, contact the BNC to add additional names and addresses that debtors designate for you or your company. As appropriate, you must notify the BNC should your email or any names and addresses used for electronic noticing change.

B. Matching Examples

Note: The name AND address must match in order for the notice to be sent electronically.

Example 1 - Name Matching
Name(s) Provided by Noticing Partner Internal Revenue Service
Department of the Treasury
Name(s) Provided by Debtor(s) BNC Matches Name Provided by Debtor Reason
Dept of the Treasury
Revenue Department
Intern Revenu Srvice
BNC software recognizes Dept and Department as equivalent.
Insufficient similarity to one synonym name.
Name matching software allows for slight misspellings.
Example 2 - Address Matching
Address(s) Provided by Noticing Partner Address(s) Provided by Debtor(s) BNC Matches Address Provided by Debtor Reason
11400 Commerce Park Drive Ste 600 Reston, VA 20191-1558
11400 Commerce Park Dr. Ste 300 Reston, VA 20191-1528
11400 Commerce Park Drive Reston Va 20191 Yes Software produces valid 4-digit zip "1558"
1140 Commerce Park Drive Reston Va 20191 No "1140" is invalid street #
11400 Commerce Park Drive Suite 300 Reston, VA 20191-1526 Yes Software produces valid 4-digit zip "1528" to replace "1526", doesn't need Ste #
11400 Commerce Park Dr Ste 600 Reston VA 20190 Yes Software produces valid 9-digit zip "20191-1558" to replace "20190"
Commerce Park Drive Reston VA 20191-1549 No No street #