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For Debtors


The DeBN program enables debtors to receive court-generated notices and orders through the BNC by email instead of paper. Only court-generated notices will be sent electronically. Other parties will continue to send their notices by whichever other means are authorized by the federal and local rules of bankruptcy procedure.

DeBN is free and voluntary. It is a way for debtors to receive court-generated notices days faster than by mail. A debtor can register by completing a consent form through the clerk’s office of a participating court. If the court where your case is pending does not offer DeBN, you may still register for Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) through this site.

While standard EBN is always a great choice, DeBN has some advantages for debtors. For instance, notices received by DeBN are not subject to the limit on free-of-charge views, so there is no need to save the PDF. Debtors are also able to work directly with the court to make address changes to their DeBN accounts. If you are a debtor in a case, contact the court where your case is pending to find out whether DeBN is available to you. You can find your court's website and phone number through the Court Locator page on the U.S. Courts' website.